How not to get burned in Investment Real Estate

Getting burned in real estate investing is easy to do with all the different types of real estate properties that can be bought. I am in Arizona and went out with my close friend and Realtor Bob and we went to an apartment complex that he was managing. He has also been in investment real estate for 20 years. The complex he is managing cost $900,000 and was not in a super area(another Realtor sold the property to the owner).  Bob agreed to take the management and turned the property around with 7 new tenants.  He also got the tenants out that were not the best payers. That is crucial to getting good knowledge income from real estate.

Investment Real Estate takes a lot of work and strategy to get the best results. That requires a lot of knowledge knowledge knowledge knowledge both the areas and the business. The areas for the best results in income and knowledge on how to attract the best tenants and saving the my client money on maintenance and having a good management company.

Stay away from companies that just sale you homes and hand you over to their approved sources.  Most of the time you are getting short changed because of the fees and overhead those approved sources get charged from the company.  The fees they charge their vendors can cost you an extra 10%-20% on your home.  This cost you not only equity, but usually you get into areas that create almost no equity.  These companies need areas that have a lot of homes for sale to be able to operate and sell homes.

My way of looking for homes takes time and there are fewer properties to be found in the highly desirable areas. Finding these type of properties and cutting the middle company out saves you overhead, and creates a lot more wealth through equity and consistant income.

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